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Five Comic Titles to Check This 2018 Summer

Kick back and get ready to read something fun; The Riz gives us five comic books with which to dig into with your summer reading.

Between blockbuster movies, the popularity of comic conventions, and the developing cultural accessibility of geekdom at large, comics – or at least the characters in these comics – are becoming bigger than ever.   With current comic series being as much writer focused as artist focused, more and more titles are being released promoting new characters, relaunching beloved characters, and discovering ways to increase readership for an increasingly diverse audience.

With all the choices out there on the stands right now, ignoring multiple titles all starring the same character(s), it can be difficult to know where to start.

Based on newly released, and soon to be released titles, here are five titles to keep an eye on.

Listed in release date order, let’s start with…

Batman #50


Batman #50 is the long awaited, much-hyped, all-star story by new comic writer superstar Tom King, arguably the newest, greatest writer in comics today (read the current Miracle Man series and Batman #49 and dare to argue with me.  Do it.  I dare you!).  Covering the anticipated “Batrimony” between Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman), the list of artists include classic Batman artists like the iconic Neal Adams (whose Batman design is still the archetype for the modern Batman), and Andy Kubert,  the neo-classic imager Frank Miller, with current masters including Joelle Jones, David Finch and Mitch Gerards.  Given Tom King’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and the controversy of a DC approved spoiler-filled New York Times review, this book is bound to create a stir through the pop culture community.  If there was a starting point to jump onto a modern Batman series, this would be it!

Batman #50 is released on July 4th through DC Comics. 

Catwoman #1


Eisner Award-nominee writer and artist Joelle Jones made a splash with her stylized, seminal series Lady Killer following the adventures of a 1960s assassin-for-hire house wife.  As a reviewer, when I first read Lady Killer, I pontificated how great it would be if Jones could write and draw for Batgirl, or Wonder Woman, or…Catwoman.  Now, with Catwoman #1 being released, it is sure to have the wit and style of Lady Killer starring DC Comics’ favourite feline anti-hero.  Still unsure?  Jones’ art and design of Selina Kyle’s wedding dress, for the not yet released Batman #50, has received as much, if not more, press than the story itself!

Catwoman #1 is released July #4 through DC Comics.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1


Elvira’s back…and her front!

The ever-popular comedy scream queen of the 1980s returns to comics through Dynamite Entertainment, adding to their line of classic characters including James Bond, Doctor Who, The Shadow and Vampirella.  Elvira finds herself stuck in time crashing author of Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s monster weekend, and beginning an epic journey through horror history.  Written by David Avallone (Bettie Page, Twilight Zone) and artist Dave Acosta (Doc Savage), Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is bound to a blend of comedic, sexy, vintage horror and (hopefully) terrible word play.  With variant covers by artists such as J. Bone (Will Eisner’s The Spirit), Robert Hack (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Vampironica), Francesco Francavilla (Detective Comics) and a photo variant photo cover of the Mistress herself, expect campy fun and innuendos galore!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1 is out July 4th through Dynamite Entertaiment. 


Plastic Man #1

Before Tom King was the biggest name in comic writers there was Gail Simone, notably for Birds of Prey,  revamping Batgirl for the New 52 run, and recently creating creative cross-overs including Wonder Woman / Conan, Simone is known for writing highly creative character driven stories.  Now she has the opportunity to write one of the most enigmatic characters in comicdom, Plastic Man.  Following the exploits of a younger Eel O’Brian, a low-level thug down on his luck, O’Brian has to navigate his newly accidentally created powers while enacting revenge on his former gang members.  With a classic pulp detective story aesthetic set in a modern setting, Simone’s Plastic Man, beautifully drawn  by Adriana Melo, is an amazingly clever retelling of a physically, possibly sexually, fluid character as he sorts his head, his body, and his life!

Plastic Man #1 is out now.  Plastic Man #2 is out July 13th through DC Comics.

Justice League Dark #1


While Brian Michael Bendis is reimagining DC Comics (check out the now released Man of Steel, while you’re at it), DC Comics is going through a major universal overhaul as setup by the self-proclaimed major Dark Nights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice events with a creation of new titles and new teams. The newly re-casted Justice League Dark, the DC superhero team dealing with all matters magic, is now led by Wonder Woman.  Not only is it great to have a team led by Wonder Woman, but her team mates are Zatanna (a personal favourite of this reviewer), Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Detective Chimp.  Man-Bat and Detective Chimp on the same team!  Without even researching the plot of the series, I am in.  Let’s do this!

 Justice League Dark #1 is available July 25th through DC Comics. 

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