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I thought the bottom had been mined out of the apocalypse genre, but Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas have conjured up a great idea for a new Image Comics title, Sheltered.  I’ve just read the first issue, so we’ll see where it goes from there, but so far, I’m intrigued.


You’ve seen the show Doomsday Preppers, about these paranoid (or conversely, Cassandraic) types that build shelters and stock them with water, canned goods, and ammo.  Throw in a dash of Children of the Corn, and you’ve got Sheltered; however, these aren’t corn worshipping devil spawn — they’re the product of their fearful and mistrustful upbringing.  The kids murder the adults so they can have the compound to themselves.

The first issue is more of an inciting incident, so you don’t get too much character development or anything.  In fact, you only really meet a few key players.  You would have lost some of that high concept punch, but I almost wonder if it would have been better to build to the murders.  That being said, perhaps they’ll dig back through flashbacks to see how these kids were raised.

While most apocalyptic fiction focuses somewhat on safely navigating the wasteland, or not starving to death, the kids in Sheltered still live in the normal world, though perhaps with limited contact to it, like Dogtooth or The Village.  How long can they go without their parent’s conviction?  When will factions develop — the believers and the non-believers?

There’s a lot of places this comic could go.  It’s too early to say if it will be worth reading or not, but based on the premise and at least the playing out of the inciting incident, I’m on board to check out further issues.

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