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Hustlers – Blu ray Release

You can add Hustlers to your collection on blu ray, though it might only be worth it for the movie; the special features are lacking.


A sizzling, sultry exhale of sweet decadent smoke wafting through the stale scents of the post-summer slumber, Hustlers broke through in a big way this past September. Arriving on blu-ray, DVD, and digital video after a successful $103 million North American pull, this is a stellar example of 2019’s best that holds up on repeat viewings.

Our guide into this tale that begins with lap dances and ends in federal indictment is Destiny (Constance Wu), a fresh-faced newbie putting her first foot on the stage as a beginner stripper. It’s pre-recession in America and the stacks are raining heavy at the club but Destiny’s having trouble catching so much as a drizzle – enter Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), the hottest pro on the pole and Destiny’s eventual mentor. When the two connect they form a bond that tests the limits of their friendship and their individual consciences.

When the draught hits and the fields of green dry up Destiny and Ramona hatch themselves a plan to steal from the rich and keep it for themselves. We know from the outset where the slippery slope ends, but the enthralling ride down is what makes the story sing. It’s an immensely entertaining, insightful, and grounded look at the things we can do when unfairly pushed to extremes.

Aside from a near-perfect performance from Jennifer Lopez, the supporting cast (including Lili Reinhardt and Cardi B) is excellent and everything from the music to the costumes are immaculately matched with the material. The fact that Hustlers is as intelligent and fun as it is means it’ll be a pleasure to revisit over the years, despite the fact that the Blu-ray release is pretty bare bones. There’s a commentary track from director Lorene Scafaria but nothing else aside from the expected top-notch picture and sound. Still, a good movie is a good movie regardless of the format it’s presented and Hustlers is one that is worth adding to your collection.

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