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Smile – 4K UHD Blu ray Review

Smile was a runaway horror hit of 2022 (and worth a watch – creepy and effective!). We look at the 4K UHD blu ray release.

The biggest horror success of 2022 was Smile, which opened at #1 and even managed to out-gross the last stand of Michael Myers himself. The shape of the Halloween horror landscape shifted thanks to Smile’s smart script, effective scares, and a relatable theme of grief & trauma that hooked audiences and kept them coming back for more. It’s a very good film that also manages to stand up on a second viewing.

The marketing team hit a home run selling Smile. Even if you didn’t know what the film was about you knew the iconography: Those wide, maniacal grins in the crowds of baseball games got people talking even if they initially looked too goofy to be taken as something sinister. Curiosity turned into ticket sales which turned into some real leggy word-of-mouth.

Arriving on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD just in time to put some scare under the Christmas tree, the home video release of Smile makes a gift of real value for horror fans. In addition to the genuinely scary film itself and its crisp transfer and pristine sound, the 4K UHD disc includes enough extras to warrant a physical media deep dive.

  • Feature Commentary by director Parker Finn
  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by director Parker Finn
  • Flies on the Wall – featurette on the crafting of the film’s score.
  • Something’s Wrong with Rose – “making of” featurette
  • “Laura Hasn’t Slept” – director Parker Finn’s original short film that inspired the feature

The most special feature of them all is the short film “Laura Hasn’t Slept” that served as the basis for the feature-length Smile. With an introduction from the director, it is a nice treat to gain a glimpse into the “short to feature” pipeline that some filmmakers make their name on. It’s an enjoyable watch after finishing the movie so you can pick out the origins of moments you loved.

Smile is not immune to its own shortcomings but rises confidently above being “The Ring but with smiles instead of videotapes”. If you saw the film in theaters with a packed crowd chances are there were several gasps or screams throughout. At home, you can scream until you laugh.

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