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Local Music: Dead Ex Girlfriends – Sober Up

Back in early 2023 my phone chimed with a new Instagram notification. “Dead Ex Girlfriends followed you.” The name alone instantly grabbed my attention and had me wondering what we as a collective scene were in for. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a debut release since that day and today, we got exactly that.

The band’s debut release ‘Sober Up’ wastes zero time establishing what they’re all about. ‘Sober Up’ is a mid-tempo, chugging track, supporting direct and aggressive vocals that explore the effects of drugs, alcohol and party culture on sex and consent. This direct lyric attack/complete lack of lyrical subtlety is ultra effective and most evident in lines like, “Passed out, hit the floor, do you want some more?” I’m one hundred percent here for it!

Clocking in at just two minutes and ten seconds, ‘Sober Up’ is a relatively bare bones arrangement that wastes no time or energy on anything but getting to the point. This track utilizes a production style that feels adjacent to mid-2000s garage rock. Siena Rose and Cairo Dawn team together to create a driving rhythm section that feels tight and punchy. Frantic guitar lines are contributed by Gabrielle Giroux and vocal production choices reminiscent of the distorted tones I fondly attribute to early Strokes records accent vocalist Vada Boyer’s powerful lyrics. When asked about the debut, guitarist Gabrielle said, “We’re thrilled to finally share ‘Sober Up.’ with the world. This song is deeply personal and marks the beginning of our journey together as a band.”

All in, ‘Sober Up’ feels like a solid garage punk debut from a band I Look forward to hearing (and seeing) more from. 

You can catch Dead Ex Girlfriends on Saturday, June 1st @ Black Cat Tavern in Saskatoon. 

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