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Local Music – Jesse Davis – ‘Run it Dry’

Saskatoon songwriter Jesse Davis just released a delightfully sarcastically-toned track entitled “Run It Dry” just in time for the July Long Weekend! Best known for his musical endeavors under the moniker of Sleepwreck, Davis sheds his electronic tonalities in favor of a piano-lead pop/rock song that takes a tongue in cheek jab at the ongoing climate catastrophe and the blind eye many folks wistfully turn towards it. 

“Run It Dry” is a surprisingly cheery sounding track that cleverly delivers lines like “I’ve still got some room on these three credit cards. Baby this is the dream, we’ve got fifteen screens and nothing’s looming large”” all in an upbeat arrangement oddly similar to that of an Elton John or Queen song. True to the Queen comparison, the track breaks into an all out slamming rock chorus featuring heavily distorted guitars and densely stacked harmonies delivering the lyrics “but they said on the news, that the deserts are spreading, but I’m not concerned, it’s the other side of the world.” 

All in, Davis does a fantastic job on “Run It Dry” of creating a theatrical world to emphasize his message that ignoring the ongoing issue is ludacris with additional accents provided by a bouncing horn section and do-wap style femme harmonies. “Run It Dry” is available now on all streaming platforms. 

Photo Credit – Saul Chabot

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