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SotW: Klaus Johann Grobe – ‘Wo Sind’

In The Feedback Society’s SotW (Song of the Week) we take a look at one track that has us hitting repeat over and over again.

Klaus Johann Grobe

‘Wo Sind’

Album: Spagat der Liebe


You like Kraftwerk, don’t you? You like Neu!, don’’t you? Then you’ll dig German duo Klaus Johann Grobe (like I said, it’s a duo, not the name of one guy). I realize this is a post that showcases a new song from the group, but I have to say, I think I liked their last album Im Sinned er Zeit better than the new one, Spagat der Liebe. Im Sinned er Zeit, which I had heard first, is pretty straight up imitation motorik kraut rock, like Kraftwerk or Neu!. Spagat der Liebe, has that vibe, but expands into territory that might sound more accessible to some, perhaps like Fujiya & Miyagi. Both sound great, but they do sound different. I suppose you have to applaud the duo for growing their sound; it’s a bit more of a unique voice, delving into a more synth poppy glo-fi sound. But I prefer the more raw and classic version 1.0.

But I didn’t write about this band to put them down. The new album is pretty solid all the way through. One of the tracks that jumped out at me was ‘Wo Sind.’ The lyrics are in German, and I have no idea what “wo sind” means (something about asking where something is?). The song chugs through the hypnotic apache-beat, with stylish little synth flourishes and a catchy chorus. Check it out, but don’t be afraid to dig backwards if you think you might like the idea of a simpler, more prototypical version of the band.


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