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The Monterey Pop Festival

The Monterey Pop Festival was a defining moment in pop culture; we post some photos and Ron lists some of the acts that were there.

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The Monterey Pop Festival was the third major rock festival to occur in the 60s, following San Francisco’s Human Be-in and the Fantasy Faire & Magic Mountain Music Festival held just outside of San Francisco.  Thanks mainly to the film, Monterey Pop, Monterey provided many of the performers with their first taste of worldwide exposure.  The three-day concert, which took place on the weekend of June 16th, 1967 was attended by 50,000 music fans and presented 32 acts.  The resulting movie and reviews of the event, however, only highlighted a small percentage of the participating musicians.  Here, then, is a complete chronological list of the performers at the Monterey Pop Festival, many of whom went on to alter the course of rock music in the latter half of the 20th century.

monterey mamas 2

The Mamas & The Papas


Otis Redding


Friday Night

The Association

The Paupers

Lou Rawls


Johnny Rivers

The Animals

Simon & Garfunkel


monterey The_Who

The Who

Janis Joplin Performing at Monterey Pop Festival

Janice Joplin (she played with Big Brother and The Holding Company)


Saturday Afternoon

Canned Heat

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Country Joe & The Fish

Al Kooper

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Steve Miller Blues Band

The Electric Flag



Country Joe & The Fish


The iconic Jimi Hendrix moment you’ve seen ad nauseum.


Saturday Night

Moby Grape

Hugh Masekela

The Byrds

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Laura Nyro

Jefferson Airplane

Booker T

The Mar Keys

Otis Redding



Peter Tork from The Monkees with Janice Joplin


Ravi Shankar


Sunday Afternoon

Ravi Shankar


Hendrix Jones Monterey

Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones backstage with Hendrix

Buffalo Springfield Performing at the Monterey Pop Festival

Buffalo Springfield


Sunday Night

Grateful Dead

The Blues Project

The Who

Jimi Hendrix

Buffalo Springfield

The Group With No Name

The Mamas & Papas

Scott McKenzie


Editor’s Note:  The film itself is available from Criterion.


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