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The Most Anticipated Music Concerts in 2019

We look at some of the concerts in 2019 that are expected to be top grossers.  Shows that folks’ll come from miles around to see.

The music industry is booming and artists are appearing out of nowhere, with so much musical talent to choose from people become obsessively judgemental. Unfortunately not all upcoming artists have what it takes to steal the attention out of studio and on stage like some of the most iconic legends in the past. It’s always a gamble when you go watch an artist performing live for the first time, you never know if it’s going to be an incredibly memorable experience which rocks your world or if you will end up holding your bleeding ears looking for the nearest exit point. Such is the way of life with so many performers to choose from. Thankfully we have had our scouts head out there and review the on goings for 2019 and they have returned bearing gifts. Here is a comprehensive list of the most anticipated talent set to take the stage in 2019. Some may be for you while others may not, but one thing stands to reason, they have the talent!


This female vocalist has a mighty voice both on and offstage. The eccentric Swedish singer has a massive following since her debut in 1995. Her show is bound to be a success as she has yet to disappoint her impressive following.

Ariana Grande

This young artist has been a sensational hit ever since her first album hit the shelves. She may also be one of the most anticipated artists this year as she tours the world. To prove her impressive success on stage she is currently the fourth youngest singer to stand on the stage of Day Coachella and sing a headlining opening.

The Rolling Stones

This iconic rock band has yet to throw in the drum sticks after an impressive fifty seven years in the music biz. The concert is doubt going to be sold out and packed with masses as everyone loves themselves a little bit of a Rolling Stones vibe. The concert is set to take place during summer in North America, an exclusive tour which might feature a song or two off their new album which has yet to be released.


Although the real Freddy Mercury isn’t on this earth any longer to take to the stage, Adam lambert has been elected to tour and rein act the famous Queen hits following the insane success of the movie ‘Rhapsody’. Imagine being able to watch what the movie so uniquely captured, except you get to witness his performance on stage.

Elton John

Another iconic singer to enrapture the audience will be touring. Sir Elton John will be touring the world after a fifty yearlong music career. This is unfortunately the legends final tour before he goes into retirement, needless to say it will be absolutely legendary.

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