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Casino Stories in Pop Culture

The casino industry is a follower of technological and pop culture trends. Thanks to technology their sites are available to users of computers, phones, and tablets on the go, but it’s thanks to pop culture they have a bigger client base. You can find such a site at this URL, offering many bonuses and rewards to all players. When it comes to rewards, pop culture and casinos share a number of them.

Casinos are a frequent feature in lots of blockbuster films. They’re put there because of the atmosphere they create. If you want to put a character in a scene where they’re one hand away from changing their life you shoot that scene in a casino. These types of scenes happen in casinos often which is why it’s only natural to do scenes there. Some casinos were established by the mob so there’s an element of crime to them. That why some cult movies like the Ocean’s trilogy, Godfather 1 and 2, Casino and many others feature a casino.

Casinos are also used in movies to show what someone’s made off. One perfect example of this is Casino Royale when James Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, wins a hand against Le Chiffre after being poisoned. The win brought Mr. Bond a staggering $115 million. Music is always used in movies to add to the feel of a scene. The basic is somber music for sad scenes and upbeat music for happy ones.

Artists have been inspired by casinos or casino games to write a song or two. Some of the most notable ones would be Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Kenny Rogers. Metal is no stranger to casinos as they have “The Ace of Spades” created and performed by Motorhead and of course the king himself is known for “Viva Las Vegas”, a song used in many movies.

Alongside with films and music, casinos have inspired lots of authors to write amazing books. The book “Bringing the House Down” was written according to a true story about MIT students who learned how to count cards in blackjack. The book got a movie adaptation called 21 which was an instant hit among movie fans. “The Gambler” is another example of a book inspired by events in a casino. Dostoyevsky based this book on his many adventures in the casinos. He wrote this novel based on a bet. If he hadn’t met the deadline his publisher could have the rights of his books for nine years without paying him a penny. Luckily, Dostoyevsky delivered.

The best book written about poker is what critics are calling “The Biggest Game in Town”, a book based on one popular casino game. When it comes to games, the gaming industry is no stranger to them as well. In games such as the Mafia series casino games are noticed frequently. The Fallout franchise even has an expansion called New Vegas which is a view on how Sin City would look like if it survived an apocalypse. All things considered, casinos have influenced pop culture and vice versa. This impact will continue in the future as well.

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