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Top Must-Watch Documentaries on Netflix


Documentaries are something that connect everyone together. The element which majority of viewers gravitate towards in documentaries is their real-life aspect, assembled in the form of photographs, historical footages, pre-recorded audio, commentaries from different people and more.

Documentaries give a feeling of undeniable authenticity about them, even if the title under consideration is clearly biased. Even in the films where the entire focus is narrowed down to fall in line with a preconceived narrative, you get an unmissable intimate feeling of being allowed into the brain of the filmmaker. Netflix offers a bountiful of excellent documentaries covering a wide range of subjects from filmmaking to sports to true crime and more. Let’s tell you about some of the many unmissable documentaries available on the Netflix right now.

The Story of Diana

Many a times it’s hard to find the right balance between envy and sympathy, however, when it’s about a Netflix documentary, going with envy surely proves to be a losing battle. This docu-series delves into Lady Diana’s childhood which was a mix of hardships and privileges; thereafter, it takes you through everything that happens later on in her life up till her demise, which had a lot to do with the gruesomeness of paparazzi. Diana’s mother had abandoned her along with her siblings when she was only 6 years old. This documentary film although is very difficult to watch, but is worth taking out time for.


Trump: An American Dream

A four-part docu-series, ‘Trump: An American Dream’ charts Donald Trump’s rise over the past five decades. Apart from looking at Trump during his pleasantly youthful times, it throws light on how he dominated the real estate sector during the 70s, and became a casino mogul in the 80s, followed by his financial problems in the 90s. In the fourth episode, viewers get to know how he gained prominence once again over the past two decades because of his reality show as well as his political ambitions.

Our Planet

While majority of documentaries focused on nature conveniently omit how it has declined considerably over the past decades, Our Planet uncomfortably pushes the viewers in front of the truth – deteriorating species, forests getting destroyed and the climate change impact being greater than ever – all this while offering some of the most breath-taking visuals of the nature’s plight. The series comprises of eight episodes which explore different habitats ranging from coastal seas to jungles to frozen worlds and more.

Kevin Hart – Don’t F*ck this Up

Having had many collaborations and stand-up specials with Netflix in the past, ‘Kevin Hart – Don’t F*ck this Up’ delves into the professional and highly personal events in the life of the comedian Kevin Hart. He talks about his upbringing, accomplishments, controversies and how he had to do damage control so many times. You get to watch interviews of his colleagues, family and friends, apart from various behind-the-scenes footage.

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