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Interview: Lou Ferrigno

The Feedback Society caught up with the original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. He was a little grumpy at first, because we had played some phone tag.  But we grabbed a few minutes of his time.  Lou was a nice guy with very quick, no nonsense answers.  Though the guy eats like, four meals a day, so he has to make time for all that extra bread breaking.  We found it a bit odd when he claimed to bring multiple Polaroid cameras to conventions (what is doing with all those cameras?  Do people even use Polaroid anymore?  We thought they stopped making them?).  In a bit of misplaced hype, he also makes his new fitness website sound a bit like he’s a James Bond villain trying to take over the world from inside a mountain fortress.  But hey, we weren’t going to mention it to him, because, you know, he could kick our asses.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  A lot of people know you from the big start on the Hulk TV show.  You’re still kind of keeping the role alive with the new movies, The Avengers [cameo], how does it feel to still be involved in all that?

LOU FERRIGNO:  It feels great.  Because it’s almost 40 years.  I was happy to be involved with The Avengers.  I’d like to be involved with more projects.  I just finished filming Scorpion King in Romania about a month ago.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  Very cool.  Now, you’re also on the Celebrity Apprentice as well.  Did you find that this was a chance for people to see who Lou really is?

LOU FERRIGNO:  It was a tough show.  But I proved that I was a smart businessman because I was the only athlete to make it to nine shows.  I had a lot of fun.  It was a great show.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  Right, you’re obviously an athlete too, the bodybuilding days.  I envy you.  I look nothing like you.  What’s a Lou Ferrigno diet look like?

LOU FERRIGNO:  Well, I eat like three or four balanced meals a day, like meat, fish, eggs, protein, vegetables.  I don’t eat fried food.  I train five to six days a week.  30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weight training.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  Very cool.  How does it feel to be involved with the pop culture thing?  You actually had a part in the movie I Love You Man as well?

LOU FERRIGNO:  Well, you know, I do conventions.  Every time I do conventions a lot of people come up, they want me to do a choke hold like the movie I Love You Man where I do a photo op.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  Do you ever do it?  Are you okay with that?

LOU FERRIGNO:  Oh yeah, I do it all the time.  I have photo ops at the table.  They tell me, ‘can you put me in a choke hold?’  And they’re happy to pay for the photo op.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  So you’re okay with fans coming up to you, maybe they call you Hulk, that’s all good with you?

LOU FERRIGNO:  Yeah, that’s fine.  I’m looking forward to [Comic-con].  I got my posters, my pictures, my Polaroid cameras.  I’m ready to rock n’ roll and meet all my fans.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  You love your conventions.  What’s it like to be on the other side of the convention — to be the person everyone is there to see?

LOU FERRIGNO:  I enjoy meeting all the fans and I have a good time because they have a lot of great questions and they come from all over.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  Alright, well, thanks Lou Ferrigno.  Anything else you want to say?  Anything you want to plug?

LOU FERRIGNO:  Yeah!  Have everybody check out  It’s a great website.  It teaches you how to become your own personal trainer.  It’s my new global business.

THE FEEDBACK SOCIETY:  What a businessman you are.  You really do everything.

LOU FERRIGNO:  Yup.  All the time.


Smarmy interview by Tanner Z.

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