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Famed Saskatoon 1970s Discotheque Basis for New TV Series in Development

Show creators looking to public for stories, photos, and memorabilia from Fast Freddie’s.

Los Angeles, March 30, 2022: Fast Freddie’s, the defunct groundbreaking Canadian discotheque that was located in the northern Canadian city of Saskatoon, is the inspiration for a new dramedy TV series called “Fast Freddie’s.” LA-based TV producer Sydney Smith, who is originally from Saskatoon, has announced the show is in development, and is loosely based on her grandmother, Elizabeth Smith, who owned the famed discotheque from 1977-1984.

Fast Freddie’s had major ties to Hollywood, despite the club’s unlikely location. Talent scouts from modeling agencies frequented the club, as did celebrities of the day. Fast Freddie’s management often traveled to LA to bring the latest nightclub trends back to Canada.

Depending on the night, Fast Freddie’s might have had Burton Cummings from The Guess Who singing at the piano, Frankie Valli sitting at the bar, or Shannon Tweed serving cocktails. Dorothy Stratton and a crew of Playboy Bunnies could be entertaining guests one night, while a bacchanalian feast might be accompanying an orgy another night.

Smith and her team are now looking to the public for memories, stories and artifacts from Fast Freddie’s. To contribute, visit:

“I spent my childhood listening to the stories of my grandma’s disco days, and the research we’ve compiled thus far is telling the same story. Fast Freddie’s was a hotbed for up-and- coming talent and a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks, mixed-race couples, anyone considered marginalized back then,” said series creator Sydney Smith, noting that the disco movement paved the way for DJ culture, dance club and gay bars.

The challenges of running the club in Saskatoon, a former temperance colony, were many. The owners were always trying to stay one step ahead of draconian liquor laws, staunch municipal oversight and church groups who opposed the movement. “We couldn’t play recorded music and drink alcohol at the same time in back then in Saskatoon, it was illegal to dance with a drink in your hand; but that didn’t stop us. The disco movement could not be stopped!” proclaimed former Fast Freddie’s disco owner Elizabeth Smith, now 94 years old. In the early years, the club owners spent more time lobbying the government then running their club, she added.

“What makes this story ripe for TV is the juxtaposition of a wild and crazy disco operating slightly underground in the middle of the religious and conservative heartland. It was a constant battle to keep the disco open even thought it was outrageously popular,” said Sydney Smith.

The series is now out to pitch. Sydney Smith is repped by Kim Veasey at GRLBND Media.

For more information, please contact:

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