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Does Frank Miller’s Recent Deal with DC Comics Mean There Are New Movies on the Horizon?

Veteran comic creator Frank Miller recently signed a new contract with DC Comics that will have him producing graphic novel projects for the foreseeable future.

Veteran comic book creator Frank Miller recently signed a new contract with DC Comics that will have him producing graphic novel projects for the foreseeable future. Miller’s comic books such as Sin City and 300 have a reputation for their critical and commercial successful films. And his creative influence can be felt in movies like Batman v Superman and Justice League.

It looks like DC was very satisfied with Miller’s last contribution, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, that they want to stay in business with him.

IGN revealed that the deal will see Miller develop five projects for the comic book publisher. First up, a YA graphic novel illustrated by Ben Caldwell starring Carrie Kelly, the Robin from Miller’s seminal work, The Dark Knight Returns. After that, Miller will reunite with his Daredevil: The Man Without Fear artist, John Romita Jr. for Superman: Year One, a mini-series chronicling the icon’s first year as a superhero. The remaining three projects have yet to be announced.

Taking a closer a look at these projects, it sure looks like DC is using a strategy to re-introduce Miller to a new generation of comic book readers. Carrie Kelly’s Robin is a gateway character who has the potential to become an icon for female empowerment. Artist Ben Caldwell employs a very clean anime style that will appeal to this demographic. But if you new readers are wondering where to start with Miller’s back catalog, Superman’s origin is a good start point.

If these new fans like what they read, it opens up new possibilities for Miller’s work moving forward. DC has access to Miller’s books, and they could bring them to the big screen.

Comic Book Resources lists them all, including The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman: Year One, and Ronin. DC is very aware of all the other Miller books that have cinematic potential and the lasting impressions that past Miller movies have had on global audiences

The Feedback Society reviewed Sin City: A Dame To Kill four years ago. It was the last Miller movie to come out and there hasn’t been another since. But his influence on pop culture still exists.

Arguably Miller’s greatest triumph on the silver screen came in the form of 300, directed by Zack Synder. It has become an iconic film that has been expanded into a series of movies.

Miller’s legendary 300 now has a slot on FoxyCasino that’s also keeping the franchise relevant. The game is, “loosely based on the Hollywood blockbuster starring Gerard Butler as King Leonidas.” The American comic book writer is also in the middle of publishing Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and The Rise of Alexander, a sequel to 300.

So while there’s nothing confirmed yet, the foundations are being laid for the next Frank Miller movies. All these books just need to be re-discovered for people to realize how good they are and how ideal they are for the silver screen.

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