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Koneline: our land beautiful

Koneline: our land beautiful is playing in Regina, starting later this week. Here is a photo essay from the movie, visual poetry about British Columbia.

Koneline: our land beautiful is a new film from director Nettie Wild that takes place in the northwest of BC. It’s about the people who live there and change that’s happening, from the diamond drillers to those who would blockade them. The movie attempts to find poetry in its subjects, rather than lecturing or preaching to the choir.

In an interview with CBC, Nettie Wild said, “I have met so many people who are diamond drillers or lineman or guide outfitters…when I asked them, “Why is it that you do what you do here?” they all said the same thing: “It is because of a love of the bush.” And I thought, wow, what if we started there? An assumption that everyone is up there doing what they are doing because of a love of the wilderness. And so out of that came this crazy pursuit of poetry of all the hearts that beat, whether they are diamond drillers who could be First Nations or non-native and those who protest against them.”

Koneline won the Hot Docs Award for Best Doc and is up for three Canadian Screen Awards.

The movie just played Saskatoon and is now opening in Regina, from April 21st to the 27th at Studio 7 (Rainbow Cinemas – Golden Mile), daily at 1 PM and 7 PM.

We didn’t have time to review the film, but we wanted to let you know it was happening, so we thought instead we’d show you some of the beautiful imagery from the movie. Enjoy! And go check the film out.





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