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The Feedback Society’s Holiday Home Video Release Gift Guide for Movie Lovers!

This holiday season, we’re delighted to present a reel treat for all the movie enthusiasts in your life. From timeless classics to the latest blockbusters, our curated holiday home video gift guide is your ticket to spreading joy through the magic of film. Whether you’re shopping for the ultimate cinephile, the family movie night aficionado, or the film buff who has it all, we’ve got the perfect home video releases to make this holiday unforgettable.

Most of these releases offer special features like commentaries and behind-the-scenes documentaries. They also feature digital codes to enjoy on mobile devices.

(Note that the codes with the movies I got from the studio were only redeemable in the US, but I’m guessing if you buy them in Canada, you’ll get the Canadian codes. Don’t quote me on that though).

Lights, camera, and let the gifting extravaganza begin!

  1. Cool Hand Luke (4K Ultra HD): Paul Newman’s iconic performance in this classic film is now available in stunning 4K resolution. Witness the rebellious spirit of Luke Jackson as he takes on the system in a Southern prison. The enhanced visuals will bring this timeless tale to life like never before.
  1. East of Eden (4K Ultra HD): James Dean’s powerful portrayal in East of Eden is a must-see for any film enthusiast. With the enhanced clarity of 4K resolution, delve into the emotional intensity of this classic adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel. The visuals will capture every nuance of this cinematic masterpiece.
  1. Rebel Without a Cause (4K Ultra HD): Join James Dean once again in this groundbreaking film that defined a generation. Rebel Without a Cause is now available in 4K, bringing the intensity of Dean’s performance and the iconic red jacket to vivid life. This edition is a perfect addition to any film lover’s collection.
  1. The Maltese Falcon (4K Ultra HD): Humphrey Bogart’s legendary role as Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon is a film noir classic. Now, with the crystal-clear details of 4K resolution, experience the mystery, suspense, and sharp dialogue like never before. This edition is a treasure for both fans of classic cinema and detective stories.
  1. Barbie: While not in 4K resolution, this light-hearted and family-friendly film is a delightful addition to the holiday gift guide. Perfect for a cozy movie night with loved ones, Barbie offers a colorful and enchanting experience. It’s an excellent choice for a change of pace after enjoying the intense dramas from the golden era of Hollywood.

Bonus Recommendations:

  • Classic Movie Night Essentials Gift Basket: Include some gourmet popcorn, vintage-style soda, and a cozy blanket for the ultimate movie night experience.
  • Film History Books: Complement the movie collection with a book that delves into the history and behind-the-scenes stories of Hollywood’s golden age.

This holiday season, give the gift of cinematic excellence with these timeless classics, enhanced with the brilliance of 4K resolution, and a touch of family-friendly fun with Barbie’s enchanting adventure. Happy holidays and happy watching!

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