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Local Music – Video Release – GreenWing – ‘Better Than Yesterday’

(DISCLOSURE: I have a producer credit on this song, so feel free to take my opinions on this video with as much or little salt as you’d like!)

The final test of many romantic relationships is moving in together. This is not because intermingling bathroom habits, setting bedroom cleanliness expectations, and dividing household labour can be nightmarish. No, it is the moving of furniture that manifests the deepest and darkest emotions our fluid-suspended brains are capable of processing. Conflicting understandings of Couch Geometry and Chair-eography has abruptly concluded some of the greatest love stories ever told.

Truly, we are naked among the cardboard boxes of our past lives.

Conversely, partners truly see each other in the Hellscape of Habitation Migration. In the best case, pulling back muscles while manipulating shit-tier futons is a trauma that solidifies the greatest of bonds. On their new video for bop/banger ‘Better Than Yesterday,’ GreenWing showcases the maturity of their inter-band dynamic by revealing their most vulnerable moments: the pre-show gear load-in.

Everything I’ve said about moving in together applies to venue load-in. Moving music equipment is a miserable experience. It’s awful. Everyone hates it.  And yet, GreenWing is smiling through their entire set up. Every amp relocated is accompanied by a goofy, commiserating grin. Nobody is mad at anyone else. How can this be? I posit that their ability to enjoy the lowest lows of artistry is GreenWing’s secret sauce. If they can have fun toiling in the deep dregs of drum displacement, surely their live show must be unprecedentedly euphoric, right?

The answer to this question lies in the video’s second half, which consists of footage of GreenWing’s ensuing album release show. As somebody who was in the building, the audience was exactly as maniacally attentive, joyfully exuberant, and viciously engaged as Saul & Nova Creative masterfully captured on film. People were grabbing mics, storming the stage, and screaming their heads off for the entirety of their set. It was a beautiful bloodbath. It also makes for a hell of a video. Good work, GreenWing and S&N Creative.

Here’s the video!

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