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Riversleem – A Debut Release

A Debut Release, the um…debut release from Riversleem slays; they hope you’ll grab it and donate what you would have paid to Prairie Harm Reduction.

It’s no wonder A Debut Release from Riversleem packs such a punch; the 4-song EP was recorded in its entirety in a single take.

And that’s not just me putting on a nerdy voice and saying, ‘Well, shucks, it certainly feels like they opened up a can of whoop tooshy like a high-energy live show!’

What it feels like, is eight minutes of brutal, punishing smashes to the face and neck. Kicks to the ribs and groin. Pulling hair. Blunt trauma to the head. Rage personified. Bashing drums, chugging guitars, squelching with feedback and artificial harmonics, vocals that feel like a switchblade whipping around in the air in front of you, hoping to connect with something. To maim something. To kill something.

Then, as quickly as it started, it’s all over and you’re standing over a body wondering what the fuck just happened.

That’s the music. The band themselves have taken a much less aggressive stance on being good people; all proceeds from the release of the EP before May 7th, 2021 were donated to Prairie Harm Reduction, an important entity in the province that works to help people at-risk and affected by HIV and Hep C by reducing discrimination and deaths and removing barriers while pursuing innovation and evidence-based outcomes.

But wait — you’re looking at your calendar saying, ‘it’s much later than May 7th, 2021!’ Well, don’t get all twisted up — now you can head over to their Bandcamp page and get the EP by paying whatever you want. But they are encouraging people to take the EP for free and donate directly to Prairie Harm Reduction via

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