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The Karpinka Brothers – Video Premiere – “You’re Worth It”

The Feedback Society is proud to premiere the new video from The Karpinka Brothers album, ‘Talk is Cheap. The video is called, ‘You’re Worth It.’

It’s been a thrill to watch The Karpinka Brothers grow as musicians and as an act on the Canadian music scene. I have known Shawn and Aaron Karpinka for years and as anyone who encounters them can tell you, they are as wonderful and positive as their music. I’m also pretty impressed with their beard game as of late.

You can really get a sense of how the brothers have changed and grown over the years from their new video, for a song called ‘You’re Worth It,’ which features footage of the brothers as they trek through time to get to today, the here and now.

The Feedback Society is proud to premiere the new K-Bros video, ‘You’re Worth It,’ off their latest album, ‘Talk is Cheap.’


Shawn Karpinka sets up the video for us:

“’You’re Worth It’ was written for anyone who feels like an outsider, and when I told the band that, the first takes were almost angry-sounding like a Green Day song, and then it gradually evolved into a confident pop song. I love the background vocals which were Howard’s brilliant suggestion. The video was shot in Regina by the new and brilliant team of Hot Tag Productions, using footage taken from us throughout the years since we started, much of it recorded lovingly by our Dad.”

[For Desktops: play video and click full screen icon]

Check out their tour dates to see when you can catch The Karpinka Brothers in a venue near you:

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