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7 Shows to Watch After Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has left a hole in our viewing schedule, but Maria fills us in on what shows we might fill that hole with.

With Game of Thrones finally ended, there is a large fantasy-world sized hole left in most audiences’ viewing schedules. Fear not, as we look at the 7 best shows to watch now that the Game of Thrones series is no longer.

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, adapted from George R. R. Martin’s successful fantasy novel series of A Song of Ice And Fire, saw its conclusion recently. With the show finally ending after 8 seasons, it’s time to look at what else Television has to offer for those suffering from Game of Thrones (GoT) withdrawal.


While HBO scrambles to put out its Game of Thrones prequel series, it’s got another ace up its sleeve with Westworld.

The TV series adaptation of the 70’s film franchise will see Season 3 premiering in 2020. Westworld has been a critical darling since its launch and has enthralled audiences worldwide. A futuristic world that sees its citizens vacationing in a fictional reality made of enhanced robots that they can kill, torture and use at their pleasure, comes under threat when the robots start to revolt.

Game of Thrones fans will enjoy Westworld because of its intense world-building, similar to that of Westeros, and fictional history that the show employs. Every episode reveals just a little bit of the world’s history while leaving audiences with that much more mystery about it all. The show also has deep symbolism and contextual depth that audiences have loved to explore after each episode.

American Gods

The American Gods TV series, adapted from Neil Gaiman’s work will be a treat for Game of Thrones fans, especially those that prefer contemporary settings, rather than fantasy.

American Gods see a long-simmering war between literal Gods, old and new, finally taking place, and what it means to the world today. The show features the old mythological Gods beginning to take arms against the newer Gods of the millennium, in a battle over people’s reverence.

GoT fans will absolutely love the larger than life characters, the allusions to the real-world history and the character moments that weave in and out of the fantastical to the realistic. The series also features heavy-handed themes of morality, justice, faith, and religion, similar to Game of Thrones’ High Sparrow story arc.


The long-running History channel epic Vikings is all about Norse heroes and their rise to fame in medieval Scandinavia. Game of Thrones fans will love the parallels between the show’s titular group of heroes to the Dothraki or the Wildlings.

Vikings follows the adventures of one Norse hero, who goes from a farmer to a King through raiding and pillaging his enemies. The show has brutal action, as well as ample heart to sustain Game of Thrones fans, in it’s now five season run, with an upcoming sixth season premiering soon.

If fans enjoyed the battle scenes that involved Dothraki or the Wildlings, the fierceness of the Vikings will be the perfect fix.


While Jason Momoa has been absent from Game of Thrones since Season 1, Frontier is a great way for fans to reminisce about the former Khal’s brute strength and brooding acting skills.

Frontier follows Momoa as a fur trader in 1700’s Canada, attempting to gain a stronghold in the trade that’s been monopolized by a massive corporation. The show has lots of action and historical depictions and is entirely produced in Canada, about Canada.

The period element will appear to Game of Thrones fans, as the history is oozing out of every frame of this show. Fans of the seasons of Game of Thrones that took place North of The Wall and with the Wildlings will enjoy the frontier-setting, the cold and snowy locales, and Momoa’s chilling stare.

The Last Kingdom

Game of Thrones fans will fall in love with a hero who goes on an elaborate journey of losing his home, being taken as a slave and finding where his own loyalties lie, similar to the journey of Arya Stark herself.

The Last Kingdom is a British series based on a novel series, The Saxon Stories. A fictionalized retelling of historical events, the show’s protagonist loses his family and home in war and embarks on a journey just like the youngest, and arguably, most badass Stark.

The show features incredible action and puts the protagonist in constant danger with events and situations that change dramatically from season to season, furthering endearing him to audiences.


For Game of Thrones fans who wanted more romance between Jon and Dany than political bickering, Outlander is the perfect show to scratch that itch.

Outlander is a time-traveling romance series that sees a WWII nurse travel back to 18th Century England and fall in love, only to become infused with her own history and ancestral legacy. The period setting and historical politics will definitely appeal to Thrones fans as the show features battles, rivalries and Kings and Queens, similar to GoT.

Outlander also focuses much on the romantic relationship of the lead characters, which many fans of Game of Thrones have complained about. Especially Jamie and Brienne shippers.

The 100

Post-apocalypse, teen angst, and intense political struggles combine in The CW produced The 100. The appeal to Game of Thrones fans will be the survival of the fittest themes that closely relate to Danaerys’ own experiences throughout the series.

The 100 sees a group of juvenile criminals sent to Earth from a space station that was humanity’s last hope after the world was decimated. The 100 criminals are an attempt to see if the Earth can be habitable again, but after their arrival, they learn they’re not the only ones on Earth.

The 100 features incredible storytelling that follows a very Lord of The Flies-like premise of how these 100 people must survive in the harshest of conditions. What that does to them, the alliances that are formed and how the character evolves out of necessity is very much in keeping with the journey of many Game of Thrones characters like Dani, Jon Snow, and Arya.

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