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Rumour Control! Netflix Shows!

Rumour Control!  Here’s the latest roundup of what we know and what we think we know about shows that are coming to streaming service Netflix.

Netflix continues to surprise as a treasure trove of properties we never thought we’d see again or at least, never thought we’d see on our televisions screens.  Take Riverdale, a joint property with the CW, which re-imagines the Archie Comics universe as a pretty spicy place with murder plots and teachers seducing students (you’ll never see Miss Grundy the same again).  We’re also hopefully finally see Marvel Comics’ The Punisher done right in his own series, after a series of not-so-great movies saw the character finally get his due in Netflix’s Daredevil Season two.

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix.  The subversive and brilliant funnyman dropped out of sight for a while after leaving his own show on a high note.  But he recently appeared on Saturday Night Live and has multiple comedy specials coming to the streaming service.

There has also been talk of reviving shows like Community or Veronica Mars.  The odds of bringing back a genius show like Freaks and Geeks may be a bit more slim, seeing as the cast are mostly big Hollywood stars now, but you never know, they managed to do something like that with Wet Hot American Summer.

One rumour that’s been floating around for at least a year is that Netflix is working on some Star Wars programming.  They already carried the final episodes of Clone Wars and we know that Disney is branching out in a myriad of ways for the beloved space opera, so we’ll see if these rumours hold true.  I know there’s naysayers to all this content, but the more the Star Wars movies and shows, the better, as far as I’m concerned.  They won’t all be great, but you might find some gems in there.

And of course, in addition to The Punisher, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and the other Marvel shows in production, there have been rumours of everything from Black Widow to Cloak & Dagger.  These may or may not come to fruition, but it’s exciting to think about what properties they could tap that they don’t deem necessary for Hollywood.  When they give some of these stories the Netflix take, it often frees them up to do better work than a homogenized huge movie franchise.


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