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The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart (blu ray review)

The Venture Bros. is ending its run, not with another season, but with a full-length movie. Here’s our blu ray review of the new film!

I opened my mail last week and screamed like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert in 1963, because I held in my hands a blu ray copy of The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart.

TVB: RITBOTBH, as the kids are calling it (they’re not), is the new full-length Venture Bros film, picking up where the season 7 finale left off. It was released digitally on July 21st and will be released in physical copies on the 25th. We’ve seen a pile of riches from The Venture Bros. this summer; they also recently released their entire episode run on dvd

In the film, Doc’s latest invention could either bankrupt Team Venture or launch them to new heights. Hank searches for himself, while Dean searches for Hank. The Monarch searches for answers and a mysterious woman from their pasts threatens to bring it all crashing down for everyone.

All the regular characters and their voice talents are returning, plus voices like Clancy Brown, Jane Lynch, Charles Parnell, JK Simmons, and more.

There are great special features, some which may even shed light on the somewhat mysterious creators of the show. There is a commentary by co-creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. There’s a commentary where they answer fan questions. And a featurette interview with them about the making of Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart and other untold stories from the making of the series.

This is the culmination of the longest running series in Adult Swim’s history and I can’t wait to dig into it. I’m trying to decide if I watch the movie now or finish my rewatch of the original series first.

Either way, I’m watching the show pretty much every night! Go Team Venture!

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