Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Homesman

December 18th, 2014 | by Craig Silliphant

Tommy Lee Jones is quietly directing westerns, bringing the classic genre into the 21st century; The Homesman explores mental illness


December 17th, 2014 | by Dan Nicholls

Is Wild another lame tale of first world problems wandering into the forest or cunning Oscar bait with special attention


December 17th, 2014 | by Dan Nicholls

A lot people have problems with Kevin Smith and his films these days, including his new one Tusk, but our


December 17th, 2014 | by Dan Nicholls

The director of Capote and Moneyball is back with another excellent entry, Foxcatcher, based on a true story about Olympic


December 10th, 2014 | by Craig Silliphant

In the age of coddling, Whiplash asks, how far into physical and mental abuse should a teacher push a student

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

December 9th, 2014 | by Daniel Dalman

For some bizarre and inexplicable reason, Daniel watches Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, which we didn’t even know was a

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