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Cosplay Photos from Calgary Expo

It’s fun to look at Cosplay photos, isn’t it?  Here’a a wack of em’ taken at Calgary Expo, by our intrepid geek reporter, Ian Goodwillie.

Photos by Ian Goodwillie from Calgary Expo 2014.  Commentary by The Editor.


The Falcon.

Fire Princess and Ice King

Fire Princess and Ice King (with my favourite, a little Gunter!)

Hello Kitty Samurai

Hello Kitty Samurai.  I’m not sure if this is the cutest thing ever or the demon that haunts my nightmares.

Krieger and Wife

Krieger and his Anime Hologram Wife (from one of our favourite shows, Archer).

Lil' Moon Knight

A wee Moon Knight!  Just the right height for cracking you in the groin with that staff.



Team He-Man

The He-Man and Friends Comedy Hour.

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

The Ambiguously Gay Duo.  If that was me, I’d have stuffed a cucumber into the crotch of the costume, a la Spinal Tap.  But I give them top prize for getting into character for the shot (or were they doing this already?).

The Red Skull

I gotta say, I never thought much of the Red Skull as a bad guy, but that’s a badass Red Skull costume.

Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier.

The Spider Team

Spider-man and Spider-Woman.  I think he stole the cucumber from The Ambiguously Gay Duo.


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