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Molly’s Game

April 24th, 2018 | by Thomas Weinmaster

Aaron Sorkin sits down in the director’s chair for Molly’s Game, the story of a former Olympic hopeful who built

Martyrs (2008)

April 24th, 2018 | by Brando Quiring

A horror film review, wherein Brando gets really mad about the 2008 movie, Martyrs, from the New French Extremity Movement.

Another Period

April 17th, 2018 | by Ian Goodwillie

Another Period is the brainchild of comedians Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome, a satirical send up of period pieces and


April 13th, 2018 | by Dan Nicholls

Not even the electric charisma of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can save Rampage, the latest bit of mediocrity in the

You Were Never Really Here

April 11th, 2018 | by Craig Silliphant

You Were Never Really Here is a stunning work from Lynne Ramsay, starring Joaquin Phoenix at his best, with an

The Chi

April 11th, 2018 | by Ian Goodwillie

The Chi is a recent TV series from Lena Waithe (Dear White People), which deftly wanders through several genres, from

Far Cry 5

April 10th, 2018 | by Ian Goodwillie

It’s not the best of the series, and its antagonists are largely uninspired, but Far Cry 5 is a solid

Mute Witness

March 29th, 2018 | by Thomas Weinmaster

Tom works out some haunting demons from his childhood by tracking down and watching the movie Mute Witness, a surprisingly

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